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Seattle Cocktail Week

Photo Credit: Jeremy Ojua

We’re heading your way Seattle! That’s right, Bull Run is going to be in your neighborhood. Why you ask? For Seattle Cocktail Week, of course! More specifically, we’ll be in the Cocktail District for Seattle's Carnival of Cocktails this Saturday, March 5th. You’ll have a chance to taste, enjoy, and learn about a variety of spirits. There will be over 100 unique makers offering up vodka, gin, rum, tequila, whiskey, and everything in between. Sip spirits, enjoy cocktails and even purchase bottles. You’ll find us in Specialty Spirits surrounded by fantastic brands like Aperol. It makes sense we’re there since we’re known for our whiskey AND specialty spirits! Our Madeira Finished Single Malt is a great example of just that. Distilled in-house, this unique expression of our Oregon Single Malt is first aged 7 years in American charred oak barrels and then is finished for 22 months in Madeira wine casks. Thus giving the whiskey a well-rounded dark jammy finish. Tickets are still available here. Grab yours today and we’ll see you Saturday! Cheers!


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