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The Hanky Panky

Today we bring you our version of the 6th and last cocktail that helped inspire Rough Cut Soap Co. to create “The Cocktail Collection”. The final entry is the Hanky Panky and it makes for quite the send-off. When legendary Ada Coleman, historic bartender of the Savoy American Bar in London, served this cocktail to famous actor Sir Charles Hawtrey he exclaimed, "By Jove! That is the real hanky-panky!" Giving this classic cocktail its name. Head over to Rough Cut Soap’s Instagram post to find out what goes into making their “super sexy, smooth, & luxurious” artisan soap. Want to try our take on this classic libation for yourself? Grab a bottle of our Slabtown Barrel Reserve Gin and follow the recipe below. Cheers!

Hanky Panky

Ingredients - 1.5 oz Bull Run Slabtown Barrel Reserve Gin - 1.5 oz Interrobang Sweet Vermouth - 2 dashes or 1/8 tsp Fernet Branca (Add up to .5 oz if you like licorice flavor) - Garnish: Orange Peel

Directions - Add the Slabtown Barrel Reserve Gin, Sweet Vermouth, and Fernet-Branca into a mixing glass with ice and stir until well-chilled. - Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. (We like a stemless martini glass) - Add a big ice cube and garnish with an orange peel twist.


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