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Now Available at Taster's Club Bottle Shop

It all started with this batch of our Barrel Strength Bourbon bottled specifically for Taster's Club…Today we’re happy to announce that a selection of our spirits are available through their new bottle shop! While they also offer a curated Liquor of the Month Club, you don’t need to be a member to do one-off bottle purchases. Taster's Club is committed to bringing their members curated bottles that help them expand their palate and enhance their liquor knowledge. And with each month’s pick, members receive the story behind the bottle, what makes it special, tasting notes, and suggested cocktail recipes. Taster's Club has been a great supporter of what we do here at Bull Run and we’re excited to be a part of their collection. Whether you’re interested in their curated spirit experiences or looking to pick up a bottle, use our code BULLRUNFORTC for $5 off your first month or first purchase in their bottle shop. Cheers!


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