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Medoyeff Vodka


While Medoyeff (meh-Doy-eff) Vodka can be challenging for some to pronounce, it’s always easy to drink.


Our Head Distiller Lee Medoff, a 3rd generation Oregonian, is the grandson of Alexander Medoyeff who eventually settled in Oregon after the Russian Revolution.


As a salute to his family heritage the first spirit he made was naturally vodka. Medoyeff Vodka is a naturally flavorful vodka with distinctive mouth-feel and a clean sharp finish.

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The Taste

Subtle sweetness opens to a spicy mid-palate with a long, clean finish and a mineral-rich mouth-feel.

Serving notes

Enjoy it straight from the freezer or highlight it as the signature ingredient of classic cocktails like the Martini and the Moscow Mule.


Ginger, Grapefruit and Anise.



Better cocktail bars and retailers in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Texas, Washington state and Washington DC.

Medoyeff Vodka delivers an extremely solid vodka experience. Its wonderful balance of clean, sweet and spice make it ideal for drinking straight (like a traditional Russian chill shot) or over ice with some soda.


Pretty Cocktail

Moscow Mule

~ 4 oz. Ginger Beer
~ 2 oz. Medoyeff Vodka
~ 1 oz. Lime Juice
~ Mix ingredients and serve in copper mug

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