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Lee Medoff

Head Distiller and Founder

Medoff started as a brewer at McMenamins and co-founded House Spirits before starting Bull Run Distillery. Lee is the founder and head distiller of Bull Run Distillery located in Portland, Oregon.


Medoff, born and raised in Oregon, began his career as a brewer. He moved on to winemaking when he encountered his first distilling experiences, which led him to decide on becoming a distiller. He has been distilling legally and professionally since 1998.


He started House Spirits Distillery in 2004, where he helped create several popular craft spirit brands of which his namesake Medoyeff Vodka and Aviation Gin are the most successful. He was one of the founding members and first president of the Oregon Distillers Guild, America’s first craft distillers guild. In 2010, with his sights set on making a pure malt Oregon Whiskey, he started Bull Run Distillery and began to develop unique barrel-finished products. This catapulted Bull Run's sought-after whiskeys to where they are today.


Jennifer Kadell

Director of Operations

Being immersed in the Oregon wine scene and managing wine tasting rooms for almost a decade eventually lead Jennifer through the doors at Bull Run Distillery. She wanted to bring the environment she had created in wine tasting rooms to the tasting room side of the distillery.


She joined Bull Run Distillery in 2013 and managed their Portland tasting room for three years before starting to play a more prominent role in managing operations. It's always been Jennifer's top priority to ensure the brand message echoed in the tasting room both welcomes the consumer and appeases the connoisseur.


Having lived in Oregon for most of her life and being a lover of travel, Jennifer has constantly been surrounded by some of the best food and wine scenes. This passion for creating flavors has been instrumental in developing cocktails for Bull Run events. From the successful Carlton Cocktail Walk, featured at Bull Run’s second location in Carlton, to many other onsite and offsite events. One of Jennifer’s missions has been to show off Bull Run's delicious spirits in as many tasty ways as possible.


Jennifer’s current focus is expanding Bull Run's very successful custom barrel program. She happily works with private whiskey clubs and liquor stores throughout the country. If you have a group that's interested in picking out a personalized barrel and bottling it, click here.


Trevor Kadell

Assistant to the Distiller

From the age of 16, Trevor has worked with a variety of foods from chocolates to barbecue and much more. Food was the inspiration for his career until he became acquainted with spirits and cocktails.


Starting at Bull Run in 2018, he was still working at Ned Ludd part-time where his infatuation with spirits began. With flavor and quality also being a top priority at Bull Run, it was an easy decision to join the team.


Trevor has put his hand into every pot in the distillery. He’s worked farmers markets, a variety of events, at the Portland tasting room, and has also plays a part in production as Assistant to the Distiller. 


Patrick Moen

PDX Tasting Room Manager

Patrick, or Pat as he is commonly known, started his journey in the craft distilling industry as a bartender at a local distillery while attending school at Oregon State University. He quickly developed a passion for the intricacies and beauty of craft spirits. When it came time to move after college, Portland was a no-brainer to return closer to home, and Bull Run Distillery was the perfect fit for his next steps in life. When the opportunity to join the team full-time and take on more responsibilities was presented, Pat was eager to start right away.

A lifelong local to the Portland Metro area, Pat works as a Bull Run ambassador for local restaurants, liquor stores, and farmers markets, in addition to running the Portland Tasting Room. Pat also is the president of our Whiskey Society, founded in 2023. The whiskey society is a unique and exclusive club to dive deeper into what Bull Run Distillery has to offer.

If you ever catch Pat at the tasting room, farmers markets, liquor stores or out and about in NW Portland, he'd love nothing more than to talk whiskey and Beavers with you.


Dakota Brower

Designer & Multi-Media Manager

A wearer of many hats, Dakota is responsible for Bull Run's design needs, manages the company's social media presence, and is the go-to "tech guy".


With a background in advertising, he was given the opportunity to work on some marketing materials for BRD. Having a passion for graphic design and a love for Whiskey, joining the Bull Run team was an easy choice.


In the following years, Dakota's role in the company has grown, making him an essential part of the organization.

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