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The Bull Run Whiskey Society is a community fostered around the art and love of craft spirits. A chance to explore flavors of the world, served in a way never seen before. This is your opportunity to get your hands on one of a kind bottles that have been filled with whiskey from barrels hand picked by our Head Distiller, Founder, and Oregon craft spirit trailblazer Lee Medoff.

With membership in the Whiskey Society comes a variety of perks including exclusive Whiskey Society bottle releases which we will never exceed more than 400 bottles, the ability to shop our vault of past releases, behind the scenes access, tasting room discounts and more!

The society is offered two ways; Neat and On the Rocks. Those who decide to take the Neat route can expect 3 bottles per release as well additional bonuses. Those who decide to join it, On the Rocks can expect 1 bottle per release and the same great perks. These are just the names of our two offerings, no matter how you enjoy your whiskey at home, you’re encouraged to join our society while memberships are still available!



  • Access to 1 exclusive bottle per release

  • Vault access

  • 15% Off tasting room merchandise

  • 2 Complimentary tastings for you and 1 other person

  • Invite to private events

  • Entered into lottery to pick future release


  • Access to up to 3 exclusive bottles per release

  • Priority vault access

  • 15% Off tasting room merchandise

  • 2 Complimentary tastings for you and 3 other people

  • Invite to private event

  • Entered 3x into lottery to pick a future release

  • Free shipping within Oregon on all products

  • Why did we name our distillery Bull Run?
    The Bull Run watershed is an iconic Portland landmark that supplies pristine soft water to the City. Water is an important ingredient in the distilling process so naming the distillery after the watershed was both a nod to our sense of place and a wink to its key role in our process.
  • What states do we distribute, where to get them?
    AZ, CA, FL, GA, IL, KY, NV, NY, OR, TX, and WA with our regular lineup, but not all our products are carried by the distributors in those states outside of Oregon.
  • Can people request bottle to be carried at certain stores in states we distribute to?
    In Oregon a consumer can request the store to order it for them. In other states the consumer would have to ask the retailer to contact our distributor to bring in the product, but only if the distributor carried it in the first place.
  • Do we do tours?
    We do not offer daily tours due to our busy production schedule and space availability. In the event that we are able to accommodate a special group, they need to be pre-arranged in advance here.

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