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Fire for You - Valentine's Day Cocktail

Trying to heat things up tonight? Our Ghost Pepper infused Medoyeff Red Menace might be the hot ticket. Try our Fire for You cocktail and share it with that special someone. Happy Valentine’s Day! Cheers!

❤️‍🔥 Fire for You ❤️‍🔥

In shaker: - Add ice 1. 1oz Medoyeff Red Menace 2. 1oz lime juice (reserve half end of the lime for garnish later) 3. 3oz POG Passion Orange Guava Juice 4. Dash of Free Wild She Orange Bitters - Shake - In rocks glass add ice - Pour mixture over ice 5. Top with Root Elixirs Cucumber Elderflower Sparkling Mixer 6. Use reserved lime end and stick cocktail skewer through the bottom end to help balance over top of glass 7. Fill garnish lime (once on glass) with Bull Run Barrel Strength American Whiskey (125 proof) 8. Lightly dust with cinnamon 9. Carefully light lime on fire over top poured whiskey 10. Once lit, carefully dust more cinnamon over top to help create sparks ~ Cheers! ~


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