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First Whiskey Society Vault Release

Today marks the first official Whiskey Society Vault Release! Yeah, joining our whiskey club, the Bull Run Whiskey Society, comes with its share of perks. Like exclusive member-only bottle releases, discounts on tasting room merchandise, complimentary tastings, and invites to private events. But it also includes vault access. So when our Head Distiller, Lee Medoff, discovers cases of a 14 Year Pinot Finished American Whiskey never released to the public, our members are who get access. And our members at the Neat level get priority access — or how we like to refer to it, dibs. If rare and exclusive vault releases like this American Whiskey at barrel strength finished in Pinot Noir casks for 13 months are making you envious, it might be time to consider joining the Whiskey Society. Just head to Whiskey Club page and use the sign-up form. Our club president, Pat, will reach out to you personally and get you initiated. See you on the inside. Cheers!


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