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Queen of Heart

Ready to fall in love? Try our Queen of Heart and you just might. Cheers!

Queen of Heart

Over ice add:

1. Medoyeff Vodka Moon Magic infusion*

2. 1oz Wood Stove Kitchen Strawberry & Basil Mixer

3. Optional: A dash of Snowy River Cocktails Pink Cocktail Glitter

4. A dash of Floral Elixir Co. Rose Hip Elixir


5. In a separate glass over ice add Cellar Door Preserves Cocktail Strawberries plus a little syrup from jar

6. Add Medoyeff Vodka cocktail mixture in glass over strawberries

7. Top with AVEC Hibiscus & Pomegranate

8. Garnish with dried flowers & reusable straw

**Medoyeff Vodka infused with Practical Magic Apothecary Moon Magic Craft Cocktail Kit for about 1 week


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