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What is Starka?

Starka…what is it? There is a tradition in Eastern Europe of filling barrels with vodka and burying them at the birth of a child. The barrels lay hidden in the earth for years, only to be opened at that child’s wedding. This unusual tradition inspired us to create our Medoyeff Starka. Our Starka begins by taking our Medoyeff Vodka at high proof and filling it in well-seasoned Oregon Pinot Noir barrels. We then age it for a year, which yields an exquisite spirit that you can enjoy without having to dig anything up in your backyard. Some people call it "The Vodka for Whiskey Lovers”, we call it delicious! Have you tried it for yourself? Cheers!

Try our Whiskey & Specialty Vodka, including our Starka, tonight from 5 to 6 in the lobby of The Hotel Zags Portland for Thirsty Thursday!


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