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Oregon Single Malt Whiskey

A whiskey that would reflect the place where it is made and the influences that guided its vision.


Medoyeff Vodka

Enjoy it straight from the freezer or highlight it as the signature ingredient of classic cocktails like the Martini and the Moscow Mule.


Medoyeff Starka

What do you get when you age Medoyeff Vodka in well-seasoned Oregon Pinot Noir barrels for more than a year? Starka! This spirit is not new but unique with lighter barrel tones of vanilla and chocolate. Has Vodka met Whiskey?


Barrel Strength American Whiskey

It's back! This predominantly corn whiskey with a smitch of barley, aged in ex-bourbon barrels, is being released at high proof.


Pinot Noir Finished American Whiskey

We know that you like whiskey, but how do you feel about wine? In this bottle, you’ll find the perfect combination of Oregon Pinot and American Whiskey.


Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Sip it straight or pour it up - the perfect fireplace companion.


Barrel Strength Bourbon

Banish winter blues with rich flavors and a hit of bourbon.


Carlton Straight Rye Whiskey

Caramel apple and honey on the nose, this rye ages in new American charred oak barrels for 4 years.


Regnig Dag

Try our Aquavit straight out of the freezer as a wonderful digestif or use instead of gin in many classic cocktails


Maple Whiskey

What's better than maple syrup on pancakes? Maple syrup with your whiskey!

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