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7th Annual WoodWorker Holiday Market

It’s no secret that here in the PNW we love our wood-crafted goods. Someone should really put on an event that celebrates “all things inspired, made and evolving from nature’s most honest material—wood.” Oh wait, Baerlic Brewing Co. is doing just that! Tomorrow is their 7th Annual WoodWorker Holiday Market and like years past, we’ll be in attendance. As a maker that specializes in creating something new through aging spirits in wood, this event is one very close to our hearts. We’re packing up our barrel finished spirits: Pinot Finished American Whiskey, Oregon Oak Aged Single Malt, and the last few bottles of our highly sought-after High Malt Bourbon. We’ll have baby barrels, wood coasters, cocktail smoke blocks, and some tasty barrel-aged coffee with us as well. And if you’re looking for something wood-free we’ll also have some new ice molds and flasks to check out. The market is from 11 AM to 6 PM and all ages are welcome! Will you be joining us Fir the market tomorrow? Cheers!


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