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A Perfect Pairing for the Oregon Whiskey Festival

Bull Run Oregon Oak Aged Single Malt is a truly all Oregon made Whiskey. From the Klamath Basin Barley to the Bull Run watershed water and aging exclusively in Oregon oak barrels makes this a distinctively Oregon whiskey. Then there's our Madeira Finished Single Malt. This unique line extension of our Oregon Single Malt is aged 8 years and starts its journey in American charred oak barrels. It’s then finished in Madeira wine casks for the final 44 months. This gives the whiskey a darker hue and flavors of fruit leather and walnut. Both of these fantastic spirits are the perfect fit for the Oregon Whiskey Festival, "a celebration of whiskey distilled and made in Oregon." Try both this weekend in beautiful Bend, Oregon. Tickets are still available here or click the image below. Grab yours today! Cheers!


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