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Let's Talk Barrel Finishing

"We source barrels from Tequila, Cognac, Madeira, Sherry, and other varietals in French oak and more, but the Pinot Noir Finish Whiskey is the only spirit specifically designated as coming from Oregon. I saw this as a chance to bridge two dynamic home-grown industries and maybe even give Oregon its own signature whiskey." Our feelings on barrel finishing are no secret, especially when it comes to Pinot Noir barrels. Larissa Banitt of Savory Traveler did a fantastic write-up about the subject, 'Whiskey Enhanced Using Ex-Pinot Noir Casks.' Go and give it a read. Here's a not-so-distant throwback picture inside the beautiful Flâneur Wines tasting room. Not only are they neighbors at the Carlton Post, but they were one of our sources of Pinot barrels for a previous batch of our Pinot Finished American Whiskey. Head into one of our tasting rooms to taste the result of barrel finishing. Cheers!


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