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Madeira Finished Single Malt Back in Stock

Photo Credit: Patrick Moen

Let’s take a little trip to the Portuguese Madeira Islands…or if you grab a bottle of our Madeira Finished Single Malt, you get a bit of the experience without any of the travel costs. It all starts by taking our 8 Year Oregon Single Malt and finishing it for 32 months in Madeira wine casks. Some people (us) say that it gives the whiskey a well-rounded dark jammy finish…something that our patrons have come to like quite a bit. So much so that we blew through our first two batches. Fret not though, both of our tasting rooms are fully stocked with this brand new batch. Head into our Portland tasting room or the Carlton Post this weekend to try it for yourself. You can thank us later. Cheers!


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