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Oregon Arak Amphorae Selection

It’s been a long time since we’ve highlighted our Oregon Arak. Let’s fix that. First things first: it’s now sporting a new look…and there’s a reason behind that. This special bottling got the royal treatment and was rested to perfection in amphorae from Andrew Beckham at Novum Ceramics. Our Oregon Arak is a collaboration project with Jamal Hassan of the Sesame Collective. It's a unique spirit distilled from Willamette Valley Pinot Noir and Syrian Anise seed that captures and combines the spirit and terroir of the northwest and the Middle East. There are multiple ways to enjoy it, but you can’t go wrong with simply adding water and ice and having it with a meal or neat after one. But it can also be a great cocktail companion. The good people at wrote an article about ‘How to Use Arak in Your Cocktails’, which is packed with some fantastic ideas for potential cocktail crafting. Check out the full article below. If you already use Arak in your cocktails, what’s your go-to libation? If you haven’t, what are you thinking about trying first? Cheers!


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