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Whiskey Society Fall Release

Today, we are opening sign-ups and orders for the Bull Run Whiskey Society Fall Release. Our whiskey club has been an enormous success, and we almost can’t believe we’re already onto our second release. It’s been a great way to connect with some of our biggest supporters, and we love the opportunity to provide special releases only offered to them. The Fall Release will be a 14 Year American Whiskey, finished in Sherry casks for 9 months. This release will be at 110.18 proof. Since this is the quarterly release and not a Vault Release, it is back to the order maximums of 3 for Neat members and 1 for Rocks members. Speaking of Vault Releases…we are also opening up orders for a 15 Year American Whiskey finished in Nocino barrels and the ever-popular Bourbon whiskey finished in the Chinato Vermouth barrels. Available to our members first, of course. If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Whiskey Society, head over to Pat, our Whiskey Society President, will reach out to you personally to answer any questions you may have and teach you the secret handshake. *wink wink* Cheers!


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