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Bull Run Whiskey Society - Our Official Whiskey Club

It's here! Our whiskey club, the Bull Run Whiskey Society, is officially open for registration today! This is your opportunity to access rare and exclusive bottles of the Bull Run whiskey that you know and love.

Hand-picked by our Head Distiller and Founder, Lee Medoff, the spirits available to Whiskey Society members will be limited to around 400 bottles and will not be available to anyone else around the globe. We will have quarterly releases, with our first bottle debuting in July. Access to these bottles is just the tip of the iceberg as far as membership perks go.

Spots are limited in the club due to the small number of bottles a single barrel produces. We offer two member levels: On the Rocks and Neat. There are 100 memberships available at the Rocks level and only 50 at the Neat level, so sign up now!

Follow the link here to learn more about what's included in each tier, and fill out an interest form.

Cheers! Pat Moen Whiskey Society President


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