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Lake Oswego Farmers' Market | July 6th

Grab your sunscreen and water bottle; we're in for a hot one this weekend. That's not stopping us from setting up shop tomorrow at the Lake Oswego Farmers' Market, though. You will want to arrive early cause the market will be closing at noon due to the heat. Opening at 8:30, that still gives you enough time to check out what the market has to offer and pay our booth a visit. Not an early riser? You can also swing by either of our cool tasting rooms from noon to 6 if you're looking to taste some Whiskey & Specialty Vodka. In celebration of the Fourth, each tasting includes a cocktail sample of the Starka Spangled Banner featuring our Medoyeff Starka. Let's get together this weekend! Stay cool and don't forget to hydrate. Cheers!


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