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Love at First Sip - Valentine’s Day Cocktail

While the product inside the bottle has not changed, the classic look that once adorned the Medoyeff Vodka on its release day returns in its former glory. For a limited time, we have unsealed some cases that contained the original, frosted glass bottles of Medoyeff Vodka. The return of this now rare bottle inspired us to create a lovely cocktail to share with that special someone next week for Valentine’s Day. You can find the recipe below, as well as most of the ingredients in our tasting rooms. We’re sure it will be love at first sip! Cheers!

“Classic French Martini” BRD style

- 2 oz of Medoyeff Vodka (classic bottle)

- ¾ oz of Heirloom Bottling Co.’s Pineapple Allspice Shrub

- ¾ oz Raspberry Liqueur

- ½ oz Mary's Mixers Lemon Drop Mix

- ¼ oz Rose’s Grenadine (for some Valentine sweetness and color)

- Garnish: Leisuremann's Cosmo cocktail mix rim

Pour all ingredients besides the Leisuremann’s packet in the shaker with ice. Shake until chilled and frothy. Dip your finger in some of the Raspberry Liqueur and dab around the rim of a martini glass. Pour the Leisuremann’s cocktail packet in a shallow plate and take the martini glass and coat the rim of the glass. Pour in the mixed cocktail and voilá! *chef’s kiss*

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