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Madeira Finished

A possible downside of producing small batch spirits is you might fall in love with something there’s only a finite amount of. At the same time, that might be part of what makes them so special. While we have a few cases left, our Madeira Finished Single Malt has become a highly sought-after spirit and one of our personal favorites. After spending 32 months in Madeira wine casks, our 8 Year Oregon Single Malt has a well-rounded dark jammy finish. When our friends at Relevant Coffee tried it, they thought it would make for a perfect wash for their Whiskey Washed Cold Brew. Upon tasting it, we completely agree. You gotta try it for yourself. And while you’re grabbing a few cans of the cold brew, you might want to try our new freshly roasted collaboration, Whiskey Brazil whiskey aged beans. Cheers!


Photo Credit: Sam Basarab


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