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The Bourbon Van Hits the Wine Country Whiskey Trail

Here lies The Bourbon Van’s bounty after their trek across the Wine Country Whiskey Trail. We have been mentioning their name a lot lately and for good reason. Not only are they delightful to deal with, but they also have a genuine love and passion for our industry. If you want an insightful look at what the Wine County Whiskey Trail offers, we cannot recommend their new in-depth YouTube video enough. They take a great deal of care in covering each of the trail’s distilleries; Branch Point Distillery, Brixeur Spirits, Ewing Young Distillery, Killdeer Distilling, Ransom Spirits, and ours. Thank you, Phil and Julie, for sharing your adventure with us, and we encourage you all to check out their blog post, which includes the video. Let us know if their journey inspired you to hit the trail yourself. Cheers!


Photo credit: The Bourbon Van


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